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BCBC Development Projects for 2006-2010

  1. Protecting Senior Citizens from Cyber Security Attacks in the e-Health Scenario
      Project leaders:
    • H.R. Rao
    • S. Upadhyaya
    Senior citizens represent a substantial percentage of population around the world and most of them need health care. Health care is becoming expensive around the world. As one of the cost-reduction measures, most of the health care providers are moving the patient’s data into electronic format (Electronic Medical Records). Even though this migration is necessary for efficient health care service, it opens up a big can of worms with respect to security and privacy issues. In particular, when the doctors and patients access this medical information through the Internet, there is a large room for cyber security attacks. Given that the senior citizens have less resources (memory, physical energy, technical skills), developing solutions and processes that will help them in not becoming a victim to attacks, is essential. In this research, we plan to study the social and cultural effect of using electronic health care services, and cyber security attacks due to using e-health care services.

  2. Health Informatics and Data Privacy
      Project leaders:
    • Sheng Zhong
    In this project, we are concerned with the protection of data owners' privacy in health data collection, processing, and mining, and proposed a number of algorithms that provide privacy guarantees using cryptographic techniques. Recently, we have also started exploring privacy issues brought forth by electronic health records. Our research suggest various methods to allow emergency access to personally controlled health data without violating patient privacy.

  3. BioNav: Effective navigation on query results of biomedical databases
      Project leader:
    • Michalis Petropoulos
    Search queries on biomedical databases like PubMed often return a large number of results, only a small subset of which is relevant to the user. Ranking and categorization, which can also be combined, have been proposed to alleviate this information overload problem. Results categorization for biomedical databases is the focus of this work. A natural way to organize biomedical citations is according to their MeSH annotations, a comprehensive concept hierarchy used by PubMed. In this project, we develop the BioNav system, a novel search interface that enables the user to navigate large number of query results by organizing them using the MeSH concept hierarchy. First, the query results are organized into a navigation tree. Previous works expand the hierarchy in a predefined static manner. In contrast, BioNav uses an intuitive navigation cost model to decide what concepts to display at each step. Another difference from previous works is that the hierarchy is not strictly displayed level-by-level.