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BCBC Development Projects for 2005-2006

  1. Modeling Insider Threats and Reasoning about Intrusions
      Project leaders:
    • S. Upadhyaya
    • Hung Ngo
    We have developed a theory of insider threat assessment. This is the first such work which systematically and specifically addressed insider threat. The team has developed a modeling methodology which captures several aspects of insider threat, and subsequently makes an assessment to reveal possible attack strategies of an insider in an organization.

  2. Semi-Parametric Modeling Approaches.
      Project leaders:
    • Murali Ramathanthan
    • Aidong Zhang

  3. Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacogenomics of Corticosteroids.
      Project leaders:
    • William J. Jusko
    • Richard R. Almon
    • Debra Dubois

  4. Sequence tag identification and pathway deconvolution.
      Project leader:
    • Marc Halfon