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BCBC Development Projects for 2003-2004

  1. Delineating Genomic Mechanisms in Chronic Complex Diseases.
      Project leaders:
    • Aidong Zhang
    • Maurizio Trevisan
    • Murali Ramathanthan
    • Yulan Liang
    • Jian Pei

  2. Pharmacodynamic analysis of drug-responsive gene expression changes.
      Project leaders:
    • William J. Jusko
    • Richard R. Almon
    • Aidong Zhang
    • Ashim Garg
      Collaborating investigators:
    • Debra Dubois
    • Wojciech Krzyzanski

  3. Sequence tag identification and pathway deconvolution.
      Project leaders:
    • Steven C. Pruitt
    • Yulan Liang
    • Xin (Roger) He
    • Jan Chomicki